Thank You!

BY CALVIN VIRGIL, NYC: First off, I would like to again thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has played a part in making this happen for me. Words can’t express how much it really means to me.

I came to New York last year to visit ICC, formerly FCI and knew that this was the school for me. I also knew that I couldn’t afford it so I set off on a journey to find anyone that would help make my dream come true for me.

Down the line I got in touch with Emery Whalen. I was shocked to find out that they had just sent someone (Syrena) to study at FCI. I was told to apply for the scholarship in January. I applied but also wanted to do more to show my character so I applied for a pastry position at Domenica in March and was hired. I had hoped that this would help somehow in the scholarship process. I wanted to show my work ethic and how much I really wanted this opportunity. After starting at Domenica I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t tried working in a kitchen before. I can honestly say that I was in love with my job and that was a first!

When I got the call saying that I was chosen for a formal interview I was super excited. I felt that I was one step closer. Leaving the interview I was really confident that it went well. A few weeks went by and I received another invitation to have a interview with Chef Kelly Fields. It was a very heartfelt interview and I again felt confident that I could possibly be one of the final applicants in this process. Emery contacted me and told me that John Besh himself wanted to interview us. I think this is the only time in the application process that I was scared or intimidated. I arrived at Borgne restaurant very nervous, but ready to give it my all. To my surprise there was no actual interview.

I was announced the 2012 Chefs Move scholarship winner to study Classic Pastry Arts at the International Culinary Center of NY!

It was the day that changed my life forever and a day that I will never forget! It is now my sixth day in New York and I must say that I love it. There are so many things to do and see in this beautiful city. Most importantly I’m excited to start school on next Thursday. I look forward to learning everything I can to become the pastry chef that I hope to be one day.