Learning More Every Day

BY CALVIN VIRGIL, NYC: I honestly can’t believe how fast these months are passing. In four months I will be a graduate of The International Culinary Center of New York! Things have been going well for me. I know I may say this a lot, but I’m so very grateful for this opportunity.

March has been full of school, work, and practice. We have reached Level 2 recently at school which will consist of chocolate, plated desserts, and sugar work. Although chocolate isn’t my favorite to work with, its very interesting to learn the steps to chocolate making. It’s also fun to know how to make different chocolate showpieces. Once you have the basics down, you can just let your imagination take control. I absolutely loved the plated desserts part one section. I enjoy anything to do with presentation and detail. I’ve also put my mixer to use a few times this month. I made a birthday cake for one of my good friends & I made some Brioche! I also decorated a dummy cake. My original idea didn’t come through so I had to improvise. I was happy with the outcome. I plan on doing one every month while I’m here.

I’m really enjoying everything that New York has to offer. I can’t wait to take everything that I’ve learned and put it to use when I get home.

Until next time, be safe & dream on!