Bringing in the New Year!

BY CHRIS OKORIE, NEW YORK CITY: Thank you Lord Jesus for letting me see another year. It’s 2013 which means its another year to get more wise and make better choices for my future. The year 2012, where do I start? From finally getting on the “hot line” at Cafe Adelaide, taking a road trips to see my friends from high school, DESTROYING! my Uncle Mark in pool twice in the same night (it never happened again) and of course, how can I not talk about the one event that changed my life for the good, winning the scholarship to NY. So to sum it all up, 2012 was AWESOME! (LOL @ Mayans)  I’ll get this out of the way now while I’m at it also….

My New Years Resolution: read the darn weather reports before I leave the apartment.

So since I’m not sure what 2013 will have in store for me, I’ll talk about my experiences in our final month in 2012. So I’ve noticed that I haven’t really talked a lot about school in my blogs so I’ll devote some time towards that. It’s going great. I’m in Level 2 of the culinary program at ICC (easily passed level 1) and for the most part Level 2 was basically all about the basics of desserts. How to make your basic tart dough, Souffles, Creme A’nglaise (custard) and we even made some beignets!!!! So basically Level 2 was pretty laid-back, however very informative. Level 2 basically gave all students a basic foundation in the wide world of pastry. Pastry is really awesome because if you know the basics of it, the rest is just you using your imagination to create almost anything (though I will never get to Master Calvin’s level of pastry creativity).

Christmas in NY was fun, or should I say Christmas at Ai Fiori. Though I had to work my coworkers and I really had a awesome time, by the end of the night we did 450 people in one day! It was great!

Well its been real people but its time for me to hit that old dusty trail. Talk to you guys next month!!!