February Blues

BY CHRIS OKORIE, NYC: This has not been a good way to start a month. “Sniffle” “sniffle”, I’m not sure if I’ve been battling with a cold or the T-Virus from Resident Evil, however up until today I’m finally getting the best of it. “Cough” “Cough”, Being Sick ain’t fun, nor is it something that I’m accustomed to. There has always been two things that I’ve brag about in my life when it comes to myself; my devilish good looks and my immune system, thank goodness my face hasn’t let me down yet. Although, prior to getting sick I’ve been having a ton of fun in NY so if y’all don’t mind I’ll pop a Nyquil and get right into it.

So what should I talk about first? Oh yea, New Orleans Hornets vs. New York Knicks. Yup! I went to my first Knicks game, (Thanks again Jessica) and it was awesome. Madison Square Garden was vibrant and exciting, and though my Hornets lost I still had a darn good time. We hung in there in the first half, however once Melo got hot it was way too much for my “soon to be” Pelicans to withstand. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, and to be fortunate to watch a great team with all sorts of history as the Knicks play in person at MSG, that is an experience and a memory that I’ll cherish forever.

As usual school has been super exciting also. I’m now officially in Level 3 of the culinary program at ICC. In this level, we are given a set of recipes and are assigned stations. Depending on what station I’m on, I’ll have to make that assigned dish (4 plates) and it will be critiqued at the end of the class by chef. The best dishes get put on display at the end of the class to show students how the dish is supposed to look and taste. I get so tired of chef putting my food on display, I be like “ yo chef come on man not today you’re embarrassing me”. chef be like “but it’s like so perfect ya know” and I be like “It’s nothing to a boss chef”

I’ll be totally honest about something also, this cold ain’t the only sickness that I’ve been having to deal with. As awesome as New York has been to me over the past few months, I’ve been missing N.O. like crazy. Missing hanging out with my friends uptown, missing catching that Broad bus to go downtown (transfer to the streetcar), missing the food, missing my old job at Cafe Adelaide, heck I even miss the smell of Bourbon street walking home at night, (on second thought) And of course on top of everything I miss my grandmother and the rest of family the most. However I realize that I’m only here for a few, and have been blessed with an amazing opportunity so I can hold for a while longer and continue to pray for everyone back home.

Well once again my brothas and sistas! It’s been real but I gotta hit that old dusty trail……

Good Night People, and talk to you next month!!!………….. “HA CHU” “HA CHU”!!!!