Good Friday

BY CHRIS OKORIE, NYC: Hello there readers! I’m back with another blog highlighting my life in April. So far so good I must say, April has been pretty “co-co stetic”. Balancing work and school for these past few months had been a breeze, however with both school and work are becoming a bit more demanding, I must say that now its becoming more of a tougher task. It’s all about finding that balance however, just as with everything in life.

So, I’m in charcuterie class in FCI right now and it’s going really well. The way this works is we basically came together as a team, and basically all costed out a menu for two buffets, our charcuterie buffet and our grand buffet. They fun part is that whatever we costed out, we also cooked! So with the help of Chef Brian Landry (my mentor) I made chorizo boudin balls with a charred tomato aioli. Everyone loved it and it came out really well. And for the grand buffet I’m making (drumroll please) GUMBO! This is going to be my first gumbo (believe or not) and it turned out pretty well. Friday is the day of our Grand buffet (hence the name, good Friday) and I can’t wait, everything that our whole class worked so hard will be on display to taste for the whole school.

So I’m going to hit that old dusty trail a bit early this time folks, and “holla at ya” next month. PEACE!