The Start of Something Great

Insight into the beginning of Christian's culinary journey in New York City: By Christian LeBlanc

June 4th, 2015

The Food Tour was awesome! We went to this awesome bakery and I tasted a cannolo for the first time. Interesting fact connolo is singular, cannoli is plural. After we went to a place where we ate fresh Mozzarella, made that morning, and Prosciutto. This was the oldest Italian cheese store in America. Then we ate fresh pasta, Gnocchi; with a fresh, homemade marinara sauce. After we had imported Italian cheese and olives. This cheese was super sharp. One was a cow’s milk cheese known as Piave and the other was a sheep’s milk cheese known as Moliterno(pecorino). Then after that we had Dim Sum and Dumplings. We finished the tour off with a Chinese almond cookie.

After the tour Lola and I went to the top of the Rock. The views were AMAZING! we spent at least 30-40 minutes there then headed to dinner with Ronald and Susana. We ate at an Jamaican place called Negril Village.

To finish off the day Ronald and I went to an awesome pie place where I had this really good lemon chess pie. Tomorrow is orientation, I’m really excited. CAN’T WAIT!


JUNE 5, 2015

Orientation was today! My class is going to be small since it starts in the summer, which is a good thing. More individualized training and a small group setting.


JUNE 10, 2015

Today was the first day of class and it was AWESOME. We had demos from the chef-instructor on what we were doing then we went to our group stations and made cookies ourself. It was fun! My partner is the international student and we work very well together.


JUNE 14, 2015

I am challenging myself to not eat at the same establishment more than 1-2 times unless it is quick takeout. Byron just got here today. We all went to the Big Apple BBQ Festival in Madison Square Garden. IT WAS REALLY GOOD!

OMGOOOOOOOOSH! Today was like the best food experience I have had so far in NYC! First we went to this really cool bar/diner where we stocked up on some good Italian food that reminded me of Domenica just smaller. Then we went to the BBQ Festival which was just purely AMAZING! After to top it off we ate dinner at The Gramercy Tavern. The food was DELICIOUS and the DESSERTS… OMG THE DESSERTS WERE THE BEST!! NEW CREATIVE IDEAS FOR SUCH SIMPLE INGREDIENTS! THE PLATES WERE AMAZING! I really pushed myself to try news things or things I normally dont like. IT WAS SIMPLY AMAZING! Words cant describe the experience and flavors and everything else that was at that table! This is why I wanted to come to NYC lol, FOOD : AMAZING; SCHOOL : AMAZING; NEIGHBORHOOD : FABULOUS!


JUNE 18, 2015

I have a test tomorrow on different techniques, knifes, contaminations, flour protein percentages,  and types of cookies.


JUNE 19, 2015

Today I had 2 quizzes(one real one practice) and 1 practical exam. I feel pretty good about all of them. I had to make vanilla crescent cookies, clean all utensils, and work station in an hour for practical exam. I finished with time still left on the clock and the cookies came out perfect.


JUNE 20, 2015

Today I was invited to help one of the chef instructors do a donut demo. Its an all day thing and I will be making donuts with chef to show other students and regular people who signed up.


JUNE 24, 2015

I got my grades back today! Technical skills: 95 Professional skill: 95

Level 1 Unit 01 Quiz: 98 (I wasn't detailed in answer)

Unit 01 Cookies and Food Safety Practical: 97.6



JUNE 25, 2015

Today was awesome!! The best culinary service experience I had so far in NYC! We got to the James Beard House and it all hit me at once, that all the greats have cooked in that kitchen and many great chefs want to cook there. I prepped with new techniques that I have never done before. Working with Aaron Sanchez watching over me and giving me tips was truly a blessing. He said that we killed it and that he is looking for great chefs like us to run his restaurants. After the service we all went out to eat at one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, Peasant. I tried one of everything even if it was new like uni and grilled octopus. The dessert there was AMAZING! I loved their chocolate cake. It was nearly flourless and reminded me of flambeau except thicker. It came with cherries and a cherry sauce drizzled on top. The sauce was loose and it tasted like the cherries were cooked in it a little. My other favorite was the fig bread pudding with pistachio gelato. I didn’t care that much for the traditional ricotta cheesecake because of the texture and it isn’t what I am used to.

My highlight of the night was Chef Aaron Sanchez speaking to us at the end and giving us tips on service and props.


JUNE 30, 2015

Today I am going to the student premier of food network's new show “ Cake Wars” with Ron Ben Israel. Then, I don't have school Friday so I am going to go out all this weekend and find new things plus watch fireworks at the pier.


Check back next month for more info on Christian's exciting journey!