Some of the best advice you’ll receive throughout the scholarship process is from the winners of the scholarship and the Chefs Move! team. If you need more, please call 949.510.7668 or email

From Syrena Johnson (Culinary '11):

  1. Never give up no matter how tough it might seem at times.
  2. Stay focused on the big goal at all times and work hard everyday at trying to reach it.
  3. Remain humble throughout it all.

From Calvin Virgil (Pastry '12):

  1. Always be yourself.
  2. Be confident in your craft.
  3. Remain humble.

Jessica Bride, Co-Founder:

  1. Research the International Culinary Center before applying and before attending an interview.
  2. Show your passion for the culinary arts and for New Orleans!
  3. Be yourself.

Chef John Besh, Co-Founder:

  1. If this is what you want, go after it with all your heart. Give it all you’ve got. Let your passion for food shine through in your application.
  2. Reach out to the hotline if you need help, or contact last year’s winners; we all have your back every step of the way.
  3. Have a trusted friend, mentor, or employer go through your application with you. Try a practice interview! You will feel much better when you submit your application and go through the interview process.

Emery Whalen, Executive Director of The John Besh Foundation:

  1. Always reach out to us. Call the hotline for anything you need.
  2. Take the interview seriously: consider it an interview for the best job ever.
  3. Let us get to know you –share yourself with us!

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