N.O. Blues

BY LASHANDRA ROBINSON, NYC: Well, I’m really missing home like crazy and I’m missing my kids even more. It’s crazy how you’ll never know how much you miss something or someone until you’re away from them. I miss going to Wagner’s every morning and getting a breakfast plate for $2.50; I miss the hot sausages and Big Shot; I miss the Blue Bell ice cream; and most of all, I miss how friendly everyone is.

On another note, school has been going great- level 2 yay! I really like my level 2 chef, Chef Dominique. He is so nice! I attended a demo with Chef Jacques Torres, also known as Mr. Chocolate, and it was awesome. He was so funny and his croissants were great! During the demo, he asked questions and I mentioned that I was from New Orleans and he said, “Oh you guys better watch out, she’s trouble,” in a joking manner. He then went on to tell everyone how much he loved New Orleans and how he has a great time every time he visits.

Besides all of the fun things that have been going on at school, I recently found out that I will be expecting a new addition to my little family. WHOA, yes, (pregnant)- this has been a big shock for me, but it has not dimmed my spirit. I have lots of family support and I am a strong willed person. New York has been treating me good so far. I’m really not ready for the change of weather, but it’s coming anyway, so I have to suit up.