Time is Flying!

By LASHANDRA ROBINSON, NYC: Time is flying. This is my last week of level 2 and everything has been going great. We have been doing some pastries on this level, it has been lots of fun. I think my favorites was souffle day and the day we made puff pastry, its cool what you can do with a couple of simple ingredients.

Today we made Ricotta and mozzarella cheese. I never knew it was that easy to make ricotta cheese, though I’ve never tried or looked into it.

I’m really looking forward to visiting home for thanksgiving holiday. I cant wait to get my hands on some red beans, corn bread, cabbage, yams, ham and all the other good food I’m adding to my family’s cook list. I think my kids are looking forward to it even more though.

I’m really enjoying my time in New York, but I must admit that it is really hard for me to be away from my kids for such a long amount of time. I knew what I was getting myself into (they didn’t) so I must make the most of my situation, which, by the way, is a great one.  I wouldn’t change anything. Everyone thinks that it was so easy for me to just leave and are expecting me to pretend or hide my true feelings, but what they don’t understand is that I really gave up everything to pursue my dream and that’s kind of tough to deal with, but  I absolutely love this opportunity that I was given and I look at it as a true blessing for me and my kids, because it was all for the better. I’m cherishing each and every moment I can and  absorbing as much as I can. Until next time!!