Falling into Place

New York is becoming my second home, learning tricks of the trade from the locals and finding some of the best food spots. Things are definitely falling into place.

I guess there is some truth to what the past Chefs Move! recipients said, “Time is gonna fly by” and that is what it is doing. Feels like the weeks are zooming by. October was a pretty fun month at school. My mind was loaded with so many new pastries. I absolutely loved working with puff pastry. I loved learning the different methods of the doughs. Rapid, Classic and Inverse will forever be carved in my brain.

Nothing stole my heart like Viennoiserie. One of the breads that I’ve always wanted to learn was croissants, and I was super thrilled when I learned how simple it is to produce. Another favorite was the brioche, that is one of the best enriched breads. Brioche will be one of those go to breads when I need something to bring to a family function, I’m sure the bread lovers in my family will enjoy it. From danishes, blueberry muffins, stollen and Sally lunn rolls, Viennoiserie has stole my heart... That is until wedding cakes. (lol)

Although I spent my birthday without my family this year, my classmates made my day extra special by taking me out to eat at this amazing Chinese restaurant, Wu Hop. My gosh it was absolutely wonderful. I had bbq ribs and pork lo mein, and enjoyed every bite. They went all out and even brought me a card and the entire class sang happy birthday. I felt so special on my born day. It will definitely be a birthday I won’t forget and cherish always.

So everything is falling into place at work and school I’m enjoying them both. The city isn’t too bad either, I love getting up on my off days and just touring the streets of NYC. Meeting new people everywhere I go. Someone actually asked me for directions, good thing I knew where he was trying to go. (lol) I will continue to enjoy my stay and learn all there is.

xoxo- Chef Ronald Green

Chowing down in New York

From a foodie perspective, giving the palate a change of taste.

The day before I left for New York I had dinner with my family and enjoyed food that I love from my hometown, that I know I would miss. As I got off of the plane I had my mind set ready to chow down on New York delicacies.

First day in the “Big Apple”, Susana, Lauren and I took the subway to Madison Ave and E 23rd St and enjoyed what I must say was the best hamburger and latte shake I have ever had at Shake Shack. The burger I had was a “smoke shack single” with cheese, it was what we call in New Orleans “dressed” with lettuce tomatoes and onions and a sweet smoky sauce. The 100% all natural angus beef was seasoned to perfection and so very tender. The latte “coffee” shake was so thick, rich and creamy bursting with all natural coffee flavor. I must say this will be one of my favorite spot while living in New York.

Making our way through the city we went to Kmart to do what Lauren calls her favorite thing to do, “shopping” (lol). As we walked up and down the aisle looking for everything to make our stay comfortable. It started to dawn on me that I was really in New York when we left out of Kmart to fetch a cab because we had so many bags. It felt different to catch a cab rather than to hop in my car. Another experience I won’t ever forget and it’s true what they say about cab drivers in New York, they are horrible drivers. (lol)

After getting settled and getting my room arranged and freshening up it was time for dinner. We went to this amazing Mexican tapas restaurant called La Esquina that was out of this world. From the pork tacos, to the shrimp ceviche. I enjoyed every bite of that fantastic meal. “Muy Bien!”

Although there is no food like New Orleans food, New York has a different variety and so many other options. NYC has so many different flavors from Chinatown to Little Italy and even the nearby street carts serving warm nuts and hot dogs. For a foodie like myself this will be an experience of  lifetime.


The Road to New York

By Ronald Green

In 2011 is when I first heard of The John Besh & Bride Mayor Chefs Move! scholarship program. I was excited to know that such a program existed. Although I wanted to apply, there was something blocking me from doing so. I had to think about my family, my daughters were still very young and my wife was in college. So I decided not to apply. Doing something so drastic and life changing would be very hard on one person maintaining a household. So I decided to wait until the perfect time to make the decision to apply for the scholarship.

This time around my wife tagged me in the post that radio personality “Wild Wayne” had posted on Instagram about the scholarship program. That’s when I knew this was the perfect time to go for it and follow my dream. My wife gave me confirmation that it was ok to embark on this life changing opportunity, so I called the Chefs Move! office and asked if they could mail me an application. That’s when I knew my life would forever change. I had taken the first step towards something that was huge and would change the life of my family and I for the better. This process has been great and now I’m ready to head to New York and learn as much as my mind will allow. I’m ready to take in everything, so that i can come back to New Orleans and share all that I’ve been blessed to learn. The road to NYC is the beginning of a new life with life changing benefits. I’m inviting everyone to take this journey with me and watch me grow and become one of the best pastry chefs.