The Road to New York

By Ronald Green

In 2011 is when I first heard of The John Besh & Bride Mayor Chefs Move! scholarship program. I was excited to know that such a program existed. Although I wanted to apply, there was something blocking me from doing so. I had to think about my family, my daughters were still very young and my wife was in college. So I decided not to apply. Doing something so drastic and life changing would be very hard on one person maintaining a household. So I decided to wait until the perfect time to make the decision to apply for the scholarship.

This time around my wife tagged me in the post that radio personality “Wild Wayne” had posted on Instagram about the scholarship program. That’s when I knew this was the perfect time to go for it and follow my dream. My wife gave me confirmation that it was ok to embark on this life changing opportunity, so I called the Chefs Move! office and asked if they could mail me an application. That’s when I knew my life would forever change. I had taken the first step towards something that was huge and would change the life of my family and I for the better. This process has been great and now I’m ready to head to New York and learn as much as my mind will allow. I’m ready to take in everything, so that i can come back to New Orleans and share all that I’ve been blessed to learn. The road to NYC is the beginning of a new life with life changing benefits. I’m inviting everyone to take this journey with me and watch me grow and become one of the best pastry chefs.