Falling into Place

New York is becoming my second home, learning tricks of the trade from the locals and finding some of the best food spots. Things are definitely falling into place.

I guess there is some truth to what the past Chefs Move! recipients said, “Time is gonna fly by” and that is what it is doing. Feels like the weeks are zooming by. October was a pretty fun month at school. My mind was loaded with so many new pastries. I absolutely loved working with puff pastry. I loved learning the different methods of the doughs. Rapid, Classic and Inverse will forever be carved in my brain.

Nothing stole my heart like Viennoiserie. One of the breads that I’ve always wanted to learn was croissants, and I was super thrilled when I learned how simple it is to produce. Another favorite was the brioche, that is one of the best enriched breads. Brioche will be one of those go to breads when I need something to bring to a family function, I’m sure the bread lovers in my family will enjoy it. From danishes, blueberry muffins, stollen and Sally lunn rolls, Viennoiserie has stole my heart... That is until wedding cakes. (lol)

Although I spent my birthday without my family this year, my classmates made my day extra special by taking me out to eat at this amazing Chinese restaurant, Wu Hop. My gosh it was absolutely wonderful. I had bbq ribs and pork lo mein, and enjoyed every bite. They went all out and even brought me a card and the entire class sang happy birthday. I felt so special on my born day. It will definitely be a birthday I won’t forget and cherish always.

So everything is falling into place at work and school I’m enjoying them both. The city isn’t too bad either, I love getting up on my off days and just touring the streets of NYC. Meeting new people everywhere I go. Someone actually asked me for directions, good thing I knew where he was trying to go. (lol) I will continue to enjoy my stay and learn all there is.

xoxo- Chef Ronald Green