Congratulations Calvin and Chris! Make me proud!

BY SYRENA JOHNSON, NYC: Hi, guys as you all know just a few days ago two new winners were picked for the second annual Chefs Move! Scholarship award. I was so happy to get to watch the process this time around because last year I was going through the process and never had a chance to sit back and soak it all in, but I was thrilled to see two people this year instead of one!

I can’t wait to fill them in on the dos and don’ts of New York, give them pointers on school, etc. Because I did not have that, I feel it would be very helpful and just answer whatever questions they may have. I know they will have a bunch. I am looking forward to reading blog entries, articles, and listening to future radio interviews by this year’s winners and really just watch their journey unfold as I start a new chapter in mine.

August 20, 2012, I, Syrena Leslie Johnson will be a Culinary Arts Grad! Just to think I started in the same place Chris and Calvin are in now and almost a year later I’m doing things and meeting people I never thought I would be meeting.

A word of advice I would give to Chris and Calvin would be to remain thankful and humble never take any of this for granted, work hard and use your new found fame and voice to do something positive, and for friendly competitions purposes don’t let a girl show you too big guys up :-p! Most importantly have fun! Soon you will become a New Yorker for nine whole months! Congrats guys; make me proud!